Economic Development

Economic Development – Accomplishments 2014-2017

  • Over 60 projects at various stages totaling over $250 million in new investments in the City 
  • When all projects are completed we will have over 1,200 new units of high quality residential facilities (1 and 2 b/r) with many amenities for new potential tenants / residents of our City. Additionally, there will be 450,000 s/f of new commercial / retail space throughout the Queen City 
  • Estimated 2,000 temporary / construction jobs during the construction phase of all projects and over 200 direct and indirect permanent jobs   
  • Since 2014 over 30 seminars / workshops providing educational and information sessions targeting the needs of residents and the business community have been conducted.  Topics included: foreclosure prevention, SUN Program, first time home buyers, vacant and abandoned properties information sessions, how to start a business, how to write a business plan, quick books, legal aspects of running a business and sourcing adequate funding
  • Over ten (10) networking events and business forums to ensure the business community is aware of the many other businesses within the City and surrounding areas with the goal being to support the local economy
  • Over twenty-two (22) new businesses started or relocated to Plainfield
  • New business ventures created an estimated 80 to 100 new permanent jobs and brought new services to the community 
  • The City has entered into partnerships with companies such as the Regional Business Assistance Corporation (RBAC), The 504 Company and other Private Lending Institutions and organizations to support and promote the Plainfield business community
  • Partnered with Google to create the “Get Your Business Online” (GYBO) and over 35 local businesses now have a presence on the Internet 
  • Over 10 business entities have benefitted from our Sign and Façade Grant program which assists small businesses with the improvements of their store front façade by providing funding for new signs, canopies, windows and doors  


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